Restart Project

Jan 23, 2024

United Families UK wishes to open up a warehouse, to operate all our services under one roof. Our Restart warehouse will stock everything needed by a person, when they are moved in to a property, and have absolutely nothing, and very little funds.

Once we are contacted, we will discuss what the person or family needs, load up the van, and have it delivered to their new property, from pots and pans, to beds and white goods etc, reducing their need to take out high interest loans, or use the little money they have to get the absolute essentials, This will in turn, reduce the likelihood of them requiring food support etc.

Part of the warehouse, will then be used for our school uniform room, and a section for our Food Pantry support. We will then use the offices in the warehouse to run the rest of our various services.

United Families UK is committed to being the complete One Stop Support Service to anyone in need,
UFUK aim to raise £50,000 through various options, to help make this a reality, Majority of our fundraising activities this year will be to achieve this.