Local Authority & Agency Referrals

United Families UK are happy to work closely with all local authorities or agencies working on behalf of families in facilitating contact services.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in both supervised and supported contact arrangements.

We are also happy to provide facilities at our office. We can also provide full insurance details and safeguarding references and certificates upon request.

All sessions in our contact centre are recorded on CCTV and footage can be used in evidence. All Chaperones will also be provided with personal body cam equipment which will also have GPS technology built in for the purpose of safety and evidence gathering if required.

Any referrals from local authorities/agencies can take advantage of our one off administration fee of £50 per agency/authority sign up. There is no requirement for referral payments for each individual case. This registration fee has no limit on how many cases you can refer to us. *

*In consideration of the usual £20 per parent registration fee, this is to save local authorities as much money as possible whilst providing a fast and effective service.

Sessions can be arranged within 24 hours notice.

If you are a local authority or agency that wishes to refer matters or if you wish to discuss any matter further then please contact us by downloading the following document, complete and email back to us at luke.shaw@unitedfamiliesuk.org.uk