What are Family Contact Services?

We offer a private indoor contact centre and in the community, we offer contact chaperone services.


All our chaperones are fully trained professionals complete with enhanced DBS checks. They all have a unique tracking system to us that provides safety and reassurance to all.  

Private contact centre

Our private contact centre offers two warm friendly and safe rooms that will meet the needs for children of all abilities and ages. All sessions are recorded on our private CCTV system where evidence can be used in court if requested by them.

How it works?

  1. Upon receiving your referral, someone will contact both parties to arrange an initial one to one meeting to discuss the arrangements then arrange to meet the children.
  2. On the day of contact, we will contact both parents to confirm that all is good to go.
  3. A pre-arranged Key Worker for the community contact service will collect the children from the arranged destination before taking them to their Non Residential Parent at the agreed location.
  4. If contact is at our location then separate arrival arrangements need to be made between us and you.
  5. Your pre-arranged Key Worker will take a step back and allow the children and their parent to enjoy their time together and will only step in if asked by the parent, or if they feel it is necessary.
  6. Your Key Worker will let the NRP know that time is coming to a close, so they can finish their activities in a child friendly way.
  7. Your Key Worker will then return the children to the designated destination (for contact in the community only) and will provide both parents with feedback on the contact session, They will also file a report back to our office which will be available for the Courts and Caffcass if required. 


Our aim is to keep our Chaperone services as affordable as possible, Compared to the average cost of Contact Centers across the UK, 

  • Registration Fee for this service is £20.00 per parent.
  • Each contact session is charged at £50 per hour* Per Chaperone**
    • * For families on low income or in receipt of government support, our fee’s will be reduced, (please discuss this during your registration, Proof will be required)
    • ** 1 Chaperone per up to 4 Children (unless additional Chaperones are requested by the Court, additional fees may apply), 5 to 8 Children per session will require an additional Chaperone.
  • A deposit may be required if sessions are missed or adequate notice is not given to inform us. 
  • Each contact session to be paid as agreed during your registration appointment. 
  • Private Contact Centre – £50 per hour per family.


Our Chaperones will be required to book in before your contact session starts, upon arriving at the  agreed location with the NRP, throughout the session, they will then confirm the safe return of the children to the agreed responsible adult.  

last updated – 17th July 2022